YAG Children Reading Program


In July 2015, YAG started a reading program in our office for 2 scholarship beneficiaries of our organization to improve their reading skills. Just within few weeks into this initiative other non-scholarship children started gathering in our office to read as well. We have outgrown our make shift library space, and the literacy needs of the children exceed what we can manage using our office space. We are excited about the future program and the prospect it holds for children.

In 2017, YAG is exploring partnership with organizations and individuals with similar vision for children to expand the reading program through mobile reading programs and reading festivals for children. For further information, please contact us: youthadvocatesghana@gmail.com

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Millicent ziekah
February 26, 2018 5:24 pm

I like what this organization is doing. I have a dream of starting a similar one in my community. I have a lot to learn from you


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