YAG becomes official member of IFM-SEI

The President and Vice President of YAG Emmanuel Ametepey and Sarah Anderson participated in the IFM Camp 2016 in Germany and subsequently took part in the IFM-SEI Congress which is the highest decision making body of the organization. The congress voted to accept YAG as a full member of IMF-SEI. The International Falcon Movement–Socialist Educational International  (IFM-SEI) is an international educational movement working to empower children and young people to take an active role in society and fight for their rights. They are an umbrella organization for child and youth-led movements all over the world, educating on the basis of our values of equality, democracy, peace, co- operation and friendship. Through our member organizations and our international activities, we aim to ensure that children and young people are well informed about their rights and are empowered to ensure they are respected. To reach this goal, we organize a variety of activities including; seminars, training courses, international camps and conferences.

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