SRH Storytelling through short films

Topics as sex,abortion and sexual abuse are complex issues that are deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture which have not been adequately addressed. With initial funding from the Dutch Embassy in Accra,Afra Jonker,an independent film maker has trained young leaders in Ghana to write,develop and product short films to inspire,inform and ignite change.Youth Advocates Ghana and believe that storytelling through film can be a powerful tool to engage local communities around very complex societal issues.Through social media,YouTube and community outreach,the films once produced will help to understand how an issue plays out in the lives of individuals, families and communities. The first phase of the research training focused on identifying problems,writing stories,directing,handling camera ,editing and sound engineering.Richard Ben Apui,a local film director has joined the team and assisting the film team to further develop skills in film making.Watch out for our first film soon.For further information,please contact us

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